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6 Autumn Brook Lane
Cape Neddick, ME 03902
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Beautiful, Natural Soaps, Hand-Crafted in Cape Neddick, Maine

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Elusive Lemon
Scented with essential oils of lemon and lemongrass, this bar has a fresh, clean scent. One of our biggest sellers. If youíre a lemon lover this one's for you.

Lavender Dream
This is the real thing. Beautiful, gentle lavender to sooth the soul. Our #1 most requested soap.

Peppermint Kiss
Cool and refreshing, a little bar of happiness. This is a favorite among children.

Pajama Dancer's Patchouli
Scented with a dark rich patchouli essential oil and a touch of sweet orange oil. For the wild and the brave.

Cassia's Bath
A cinnamon bar with the warm and spicy tones of cinnamon and handsomely colored with swirls of powdered chocolate and cinnamon. This is popular with men.

Comfrey Comfort
This soap is enriched with the addition of African Karite butter- sometimes called Shea butter-a great moisturizer for sensitive skin and powdered comfrey root. It is scented with my own complex blend of essential oils.

Sweet Fennel
An unusual unique scent, very sweet like licorice. Fennel has natural deodorizing qualities.

Morning Oatmeal
Unscented and enriched with Shea butter and oats. This is a very gently scrubbing moisturizing bar.

Rosemary's Secret
Fresh from the herb garden, scented with essential oils of rosemary, sage and thyme, and colored green with natural chlorophyll.

Scented with essential oils of tangerine, orange and grapefruit and colored a warm orange with turmeric and paprika. This is my absolute all time favorite. I just love the sweet citrus scents.

Island Bay Rum
A traditional menís scent, real Bay Rum essential oil from the West Indies, spicy and sweet, with shea butter, this makes a good shaving soap.

Strong floral notes with a hint patchouli make for a wonderful blend.

Ginger-lemongrass Poppy Seed Bar
The ultimate kitchen sink bar. These are big 6+oz. bars with interesting soap shapes inside the soap itself and poppy seeds for scrubbing dirty hands. Great for cooks gardeners and anyone with hard working hands. Colored with spices.

Gift Boxes
Beautiful, custom made magenta gift boxes with the Hazyland picture on the cover, containing six of our most popular soaps and tied with beautiful organdy ribbon.

Three Bar Gift Set
Elusive Lemon, Lavender Dream and Peppermint Kiss attractively wrapped with ribbon. The perfect little gift. If you would like a different combination give us a call.



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