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Artist's rendition of Hazyland
as seen from across the bay.

Greetings from my cottage work shop on the coast of Maine - where beautiful, vegetable-based soaps are hand-crafted in small batches using food-grade olive, coconut and palm oils. Hazyland offers an unscented soap and 14 intriguing varieties scented with carefully blended , aromatherapy quality essential oils - to stimulate not only the senses, but also the imagination. No artificial fragrances or colorings are ever used, never ever. Each batch is hand stirred and each bar is individually cut by hand, the soaps have a rich lather and are gentle on the skin.


Hazyland soaps make splendid gifts for yourself or someone you treasure.

G made my first soaps about eight years ago, just out of curiosity. As one thing led to another, I set up a work shop and started selling my soap at the local farmers' markets and craft shows, (When I sold 2200 bars at a weekend holiday craft show I was thrilled and amazed). I got another boost when I broke into the corporate gifts market with my beautiful gift box, containing six soaps. Now, with online ordering through this web site, Hazyland soaps are being shipped coast to coast and beyond. I'm still curious and I'm always trying new things. I hope you enjoy using Hazyland soaps as much as I enjoy making them.

Janice Plourde


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